A New Breed of Technology Solutions Integrator

About LiquidHub

A New Breed of Technology Solutions Integrator

LiquidHub is a digital integrator that partners with businesses to improve customer engagement and drive growth. With operations in North America, Asia, and Europe, we empower the leading global healthcare and financial services companies through technology innovation. Our customer successes are the result of a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence.

We support our clients' enterprise goals through planning, execution, and management of technology across the full technology lifecycle. LiquidHub's agile and responsive teams bring deep technology expertise, thought leadership, and business-relevant solutions to every partnership.

Founded in 2001, we have grown through a culture of operational excellence, thought leadership, and delivering exceptional services and solutions. Our success is built on a clear strategic direction and a shared commitment to fueling digital transformation to drive business success.


  • Liquid (noun) - Smooth and Fluent, Fluid, Adaptable, Flexible
  • Hub (noun) - a place that is a center of activity or interest, center, core, heart, focus

When we formed LiquidHub, we considered the challenges our clients faced in integrating their enterprise technologies. They needed some way of tying it all together, what we thought of as a "hub". But, of course, such a hub is formed from a complex set of solutions and processes, always changing. A solution to this problem must be adaptable, must be "liquid."

Our clients like the concept, and we like the name.