ARCHITECTURE - Fusing empathy driven research with modern architecture

Since our founding, LiquidHub has been passionate about Architecture. Our approach, templates, and industry expertise, combined with a structured governance and metrics model, provide our clients with advisory, design, and implementation services for modern architecture.

Architecture, and its key building blocks and disciplines, must be informed and designed by first understanding customer, member, and employee engagement objectives for your organization. Guiding our architecture services is our Digital Architecture Toolkit, which consists of our ThinkFast Innovation service, our process visualization methods, digital architecture frameworks, methodologies, meta-models, templates, and roadmaps. 

Leveraging our deep Enterprise Architecture expertise, we perform a current state and gap assessment to help you re-invigorate or implement a new Architecture Management function within your organization.

Focusing on governance and our proprietary EA sub-domains: business, experience, application, information, and technology, we identify key gaps in your technology landscape and recommend strategies to modernize and improve your overall architecture.

Designing solid and robust architectures that support secure, agile, high-performance, highly available access to data and transactions. Our solution architects have expertise in a variety of platforms, architecture standards, and the latest trends in modern architecture such as Micro Services, API management, and containerization.

Navigating the complexity of buying and integrating third-party or in-house integration solutions, we create an implementation and integration management roadmap. We approach each situation by combining our expertise in API management, DevOps, Containerization, Data Integration, Monitoring, & Management.

Improving Agility To Meet Customer Demands

An Enterprise Architecture framework used to successfully guide steering committee meetings, project approvals, and annual budget processes.

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Driving Business Transformation

Through LiquidHub's Process Portfolio Rationalization, Project and Program Management, and Enterprise Architecture-driven Assessment Methodologies, we created an actionable target state and rationalization roadmap to drive business transformation.

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Improving Customer Engagement Through Architecture

Through LiquidHub's Process Portfolio Rationalization, Due to the new architecture and strategy, customer satisfaction and retention greatly increased.

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Raymond Bordogna ( Partner )

Raymond Bordogna is a Partner and the Chief Strategy Officer at LiquidHub. Ray is a thought leader for technology strategy, enterprise architecture, business process optimization, and business transformation. He leads the firm's digital advisory engagements helping clients design new business capabilities. 

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