Technology is fueling a massive shift in customer expectations, prompting brands to rethink how they engage and retain customers. At LiquidHub, we combine business and design services with deep technical proficiency to create memorable customer experiences. That gives us the power to engage your customers and transform your business in ways you never imagined were possible. Together, we will deliver engaging, interactive experiences that will entice your customers to actively participate with your brand — across platforms and channels, both digitally and in the physical world. We believe your customers deserve better experiences with your brand. We know you believe this too, and our services will help you: develop understanding; define what to create; express the vision; create a trusted relationship; engage over and over; and make it all work together.

A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Technology is transforming every business. Companies have to renew and redefine their existing business models and services to embrace this fast-paced digital transformation. Our multi-disciplinary approach which blends business, design, and technology is imperative to accelerate success, promote efficiency, and most importantly achieve customer delight. This empathy-driven and design-embedded approach to implementing digital services supports a variety of engagement models based on the unique culture, capability, capacity, and regulatory landscape of our clients.

Our Work

Improving Member Experience

Implementing an intuitive app to monitor and track user health.

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Transforming Legacy Systems

Providing a streamlined business process for an improved customer experience.

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Liquid Analytics for Patient MDM

LiquidHub's platform to ingest, validate, match, and merge Patient demographic data

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Our Services

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Charlton Monsanto (Partner)

Charlton Monsanto is a Partner at LiquidHub responsible for operating the Strategy Studio and developing solutions. He advises our clients on emerging technologies, customer experience, and technology and business strategies.

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