Personalization and the Rise of Individualized Experiences

Watch CX experts Daniel Davenport of LiquidHub and guest speaker Tony Costa of Forrester Research discuss the importance of delivering effective, personalized experiences.

Today’s customers interact with brands through a vast and growing range of touchpoints. Whether it be in-store, on the phone, or via a mobile app, every customer expects a clear, easy message that is relevant and provides value. Customers no longer buy solely based on price, but are buying based on the experience.

With the large amount of data coming from different sources, creating personalized experiences should be easy. But this influx of data can be hard to both filter and turn into powerful insights to influence your customer.

This webinar discusses:

  • How consumer attitudes towards personal data are changing.
  • How personalization is evolving into individualization.
  • The hallmarks of individualized experiences.
  • How individualized experiences raise the bar on experience quality.
  • How to create individualized experiences at your organization today.
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