Vendor Landscape: Product Development Services Target New Digital Demands: PDS Firms Increasingly Shoot For Business, Not IT Results Report by Nathanial Fleming

Demand for new skills and capabilities. Clients expect product development firms to bring more extensive and diverse skill sets to their engagements. Prospective customers are looking for skills like UX, data science, and vertical-specific experience in their projects. Product development firms have been filling these skill gaps in two ways: with new programs and with acquisitions. Philadelphia-based LiquidHub, for example, bet early on technologies like Hadoop and is now bringing data analytics skills to clients as an offering.

LiquidHub profiled:
Located in Wayne, Pa., LiquidHub provides services to the financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and retail sectors. The firm, which does the majority of its business in the US, seeks to help clients improve customer engagement and drive growth through quality user experience, technology enablement, and business relevant solutions tailored to each client's needs.

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