Speed of Thought – Operating at the Speed of Thought featuring Peter Delano from CEB TowerGroup and Ravi Kalakota from LiquidHub

Please join LiquidHub at our upcoming event, Operating at the Speed of Thought, on March 18th in NYC. This thought provoking event and cocktail networking reception will feature Peter Delano with CEB TowerGroup and Ravi Kalakota from LiquidHub, providing industry insight and presenting solutions to the challenges faced by today’s fast-paced Financial Services industry. The event will focus on how to enhance the way Financial Services organizations communicate internally and engage with their customers externally, and how to make better business decisions through advanced Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, and Visualization.

The pace of business in the digital age is faster than any of us ever imagined, and the disruption to your business can be just as fast. Companies need to execute a superior digital customer experience to meet the changing demands of their customers, as well as improve collaboration within their business to be able to respond quickly to the changing demands. Everyone needs to move faster to keep up with the competition.

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