Press Release: LiquidHub Refuels Global Brand – Independent Research survey findings show the need for a single partner to provide end-to-end, customer engagement solutions.

LiquidHub, the digital transformation company providing customer engagement and technology solutions to global corporations announced today the launch of its new brand identity and refreshed positioning in the marketplace.

In its renewed positioning, LiquidHub focuses on building innovative solutions that not only provide a substantive and personalized user experience in the front end, but also building and integrating applications and systems in the back end. LiquidHub’s rebranding comes at a time when integrated customer journey solutions are taking center stage emphasized in a recent commissioned Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper titled ‘Executing Digital Transformation: How to Pick the Right Partner for Success’1.

“Companies undergoing a digital transformation need an end-to-end partner to help create an engaging customer experience, build the right technological foundation to support it, and enable the integration into existing technologies and systems,” according to the study. For this thought leadership paper, Forrester conducted an online survey of 150 enterprise organizations in the U.S. that were engaged in some of level of digital delivery and transformation with at least one outside partner. Nearly half of the respondents belonged to the C-suite while around 90 percent of them were decision makers. The study revealed the following key findings:

Changing customer expectations means continuous transformation for digital engagement. Even with all the proper channels in place, digital engagement with customers is more a journey than it is a destination. With the rapid advancements of technology, companies seek to continually reinvent themselves and find new ways to engage with their customers via digital channels.

Customer engagement demands end-to-end integration among channels and across the value chain. Expanding the availability of channels for both digital and digitally enabled customer interactions can drive benefit to the business. But failure to integrate data across channels creates poor customer experience.

Effectively building improved digital engagements requires a full service, end-to-end partner. Having a single partner for digital transformation services, for both application delivery and integration, enables more streamlined implementations by eliminating the logistical challenges of working with multiple partners. Today’s digital channels have to interface with data, information, and insights across the value chain, creating a complexity that a small number of partners can best address.”

“Corporations today are constantly faced with the challenge of managing multiple and siloed partners for their digital transformation needs. Our proven experience in handling systems and application integration in the back-end coupled with our user experience and customer journey expertise allows us to offer innovative solutions to clients that facilitate strategy and seamless technology execution, and provide their end customers with a spectacular experience.” said, Jonathan Brassington, LiquidHub Co-founder and CEO, announcing the brand re-launch. “With our refreshed positioning, we offer end-to-end solutions blending our expertise in user experience with technology services across the financial services, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, and commercial & retail industries.”

The company’s redesigned logo features a new typeface with a unique design formed by two entwined infinity symbols representing user experience and technology solutions and the endless possibilities that transform customer engagement.

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