Forrester Wave™: Salesforce Implementation Partners, Q2 2015 – Midsize providers enter the Salesforce market through M&A

Midsize providers enter the Salesforce market through M&A. As the market shakes out, some smaller boutique options have disappeared, but new, larger choices now stand in their place. Midsize providers like Perficient and LiquidHub were not on buyers' radar screen for Salesforce a couple of years ago, but strategic acquisitions have changed that. Perficient's acquisition of CoreMatrix makes it larger and more experienced than many boutiques, as do the multiple acquisitions made by LiquidHub (such as Redkite). These firms are better suited to complex Salesforce deals than the standalone entities they have acquired because they can tap into a broad range of skills in other areas (such as custom development and mobile) that are increasingly relevant for Salesforce.

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