Digital Pharma East – LiquidHub is excited to sponsor the largest conference focusing on Content, Innovation and Practical Insights for Digital Marketing in Life Sciences.

The agenda is full of innovative speakers from Pharmaceutical, technology, and marketing companies who will cover how digital is transforming the Life Sciences industry.

Topics covered at Digital Pharma East include:

  • The customer journey and the path to customer experience excellence for the future.
  • The "centricity model": brand centric -> customer-centric: Expectations have changed. The customer has more control, and therefore building value and value add is ever more important.
  • Sales reps are now a "channel": As we move away from a sales rep-centric business model, we must now orchestrate and integrate all channels.
  • The role of data insights: The industry has been able to collect and aggregate vast sums of data. However, how pharma/medical device companies can utilize and leverage this data/information in a meaningful way is now an obstacle. How do you determine what is valuable and how do you convert valuable information into insight and action?
  • Performance accountability: In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, there is increasing pressure on budgets and higher expectations from senior management to demonstrate ROI.

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