Create A Winning SaaS-Based Digital Ecosystem For The Digital Business Era – Cloud business consultants help you identify market opportunities and models

Services providers with design, business consulting, and industry expertise will be best positioned to help you with early decisions about what to create and how to create it. When you do not have a technology picked, you will get the best advice from partners who do not have (too much) skin in the game. Nearly all strategy and business consultants will have some bias since most do some sort of implementation work in this space and partner with some leading cloud providers. Top business consultants — like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC — are well positioned to advise you on strategy and road map, and they partner with several major cloud technology suppliers. That said, if you have already fallen in love with a specific cloud platform, like AWS, Google, or Salesforce, you might favor working with a more focused consultant — such as Appirio or LiquidHub for Salesforce-based solutions or CI&T or Cloud Sherpas for solutions based on Google platforms.

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