LiquidHub and UNIFi Software Form Partnership to Bridge Gap Between Business Analysts and IT; Deliver Custom Data Integration at Scale

Wayne, PA December 15, 2015: LiquidHub, a digital transformation company providing customer engagement and technology solutions to global corporations, and UNIFi Software, the only comprehensive, data integration solution for the enterprise, today announced they have entered into a partnership.

With the UNIFI solution built on the Hadoop platform, LiquidHub will work with customers to establish an environment where IT departments maintain control of the data to ensure rules are implemented, security is in place, and accessibility requirements are maintained. Once UNIFi is installed, business analysts are able to gather information from any data source available to them, combine and filter data sets, augment data and derive new attributes as necessary, and deliver those results to their visualization tool for easy reference without relying on IT programming resources. This self-serve analysis capability dramatically reduces the volume of IT requests and enables business analysts to acquire data-based insights almost instantly, while still maintaining data integrity and security—especially important in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare and financial services.

“UNIFi delivers the most advanced data integration solution available on the Hadoop platform,” said Thomas Hannigan, Partner, Life Sciences at LiquidHub. “At LiquidHub, we are always investigating tools that help businesses operate faster and smarter, while maintaining the highest levels of data security and control. I know this is critical in the life sciences industry where patient information must be managed in a way that retains the strictest levels of privacy, but security is something that is paramount across all industries. UNIFi’s solution leads in all functionality categories and we are looking forward to working together.”

“This partnership is advancing the democratization of information across organizations through complementary services,” said Rob Carlson, CEO and co-founder of UNIFi. “The services LiquidHub provides are critical to helping corporations quickly establish an environment that meets their business and IT needs, while ensuring connectivity, security and efficiency. We are excited to move forward and deliver solutions to companies in all sectors a new, faster way to make informed business decisions.”

About LiquidHub
LiquidHub is a digital integrator that partners with businesses to improve customer engagement and drive growth. With operations in North America, Asia, and Europe, we serve companies globally, helping them solve their most complex challenges through technology innovation. Our customer successes are the result of a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence. For more information about LiquidHub, please visit

About UNIFi Software
UNIFi was founded with a mission of solving the ubiquitous data acquisition and integration problem that has plagued enterprises since the dawn of data warehousing. The landscape of data analysis that enterprises are embarking on today has significantly advanced in just a few years’ time. The days of building an enterprise data warehouse to report on financial status or sales over time is no longer a competitive advantage; in today’s world doing this well is now considered a cost of doing business. The core problem that has arisen in this new era of analytics is business users have not been enabled to participate in the most critical part of the process that has the biggest impact on time to insight. With the advent of the Hadoop data storage and processing platform this has created a unique opportunity to build an application that enables the business to acquire data, integrate it, enrich it, and load it into a flexible environment where agile and iterative analytics can occur.

UNIFi has built a first-of-its-kind business application that combines Big Data integration processing layered with an elegant and simple user experience that dramatically increases productivity and time to insight.

LiquidHub Expands its Digital Agency Capabilities
To deliver strategy, experience, and technology services to clients who are focusing on digital transformation and improving customer engagement

Wayne, PA December 9, 2015: LiquidHub, a digital transformation company providing customer engagement and technology solutions to global corporations, announced today that it has significantly enhanced its digital agency capabilities, expanding into new geographies and new services.

As a Digital Integrator, LiquidHub has been combining great user experience with world-class technology execution, and now is refining that role as clients look for a new kind of digital agency and technology partner. LiquidHub’s long expertise in Enterprise Architecture and deep roots in complex technology execution, coupled with deep vertical industry domain expertise and a sense for the customer journey, bring a different perspective to clients as they seek to more effectively engage customers across channels.

“As our clients have demanded a single voice to speak for their customers—from experience to enablement—LiquidHub has responded as their digital customer engagement partner. With the recent addition of the former THINK Interactive leadership in Atlanta to LiquidHub’s existing digital agency capabilities, we believe we represent our clients’ Next-Generation Digital Agency,” LiquidHub CEO Jonathan Brassington said. “The CMO and the CIO need a single partner who they can rely on to deliver great strategy and experience and then execute on that across all channels, to customers anywhere regardless of technical complexity. That’s why they turn to LiquidHub.”

“Digital Transformation is only possible when you can both set the strategy and design the experience, then help clients execute on it. The LiquidHub team can do what most digital agencies can not: deliver on the customer engagement process end to end,” said Will DuPont, former President of THINK Interactive, now Partner at LiquidHub. “Great creative is not enough. The 21st century consumer needs a seamless experience, and that’s incredibly hard to deliver. That’s what LiquidHub has built.”

LiquidHub, over the last few months has been steadily investing in building its Digital Agency capabilities. Ranked by Forbes as one of America’s most promising companies, LiquidHub also recently hired Hank Summy, the former MRM/McCann and SapientNitro leader, to head the company’s vertical markets. Earlier this year, a commissioned Thought Leadership Paper by Forrester Consulting revealed the need for a different breed of Digital Agency partners who can deliver integrated customer journey solutions.

About LiquidHub
LiquidHub is a digital integrator that partners with businesses to improve customer engagement and drive growth. With operations in North America, Asia, and Europe, we serve companies globally, helping them solve their most complex challenges through technology innovation. Our customer successes are the result of a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence. For more information about LiquidHub, please visit

LiquidHub is a proud sponsor of the 2015 T3 Enterprise conference in Weston, Florida
on Novemeber 2nd - 4th.
Stop by Booths 103 & 105 to learn more about our Salesforce capabilites.

The Technology Tools for Today (T3) Enterprise Conference is the place broker-dealers and financial enterprises will discover technology solutions for their business. This conference assembles leading technology vendors, consultants, and thought leaders in one place to tackle the challenges facing broker-dealers and financial enterprises head on. Be among the first to learn about new and innovative technology offerings, hear from industry thought leaders, and shape the future technological developments by directly engaging the industry's top technology developers.

LiquidHub will talk about taking a business-centric approach to technology strategy and planning. Traditional business functions such as marketing, onboarding, and servicing are fundamentally transforming as new technologies emerge and client expectations of digital engagement evolve. Competitive pressures are also forcing more automation to drive efficiency gains. Financial institutions must now come up with ways to remain relevant in a world dominated by technology devices and clients’ insatiable need to be constantly connected. A digital integrator that partners with businesses to improve client engagement and drive growth, LiquidHub will share their expertise, both from the podium and in the exhibit hall.

Visit: to learn more!

Learn more about LiquidHub's Salesforce capabilities at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center on Nov 10th – 13th.

IMPACT is an invitation-only industry conference where registered investment advisors come together with influential presenters, exhibitors, and subject-matter experts to network and learn about industry issues and best practices. Every facet of the conference is designed to help attendees continue to remain at the forefront of the industry.

Conference URL:

Vendor Landscape: Product Development Services Target New Digital Demands: PDS Firms Increasingly Shoot For Business, Not IT Results

Demand for new skills and capabilities. Clients expect product development firms to bring more extensive and diverse skill sets to their engagements. Prospective customers are looking for skills like UX, data science, and vertical-specific experience in their projects. Product development firms have been filling these skill gaps in two ways: with new programs and with acquisitions. Philadelphia-based LiquidHub, for example, bet early on technologies like Hadoop and is now bringing data analytics skills to clients as an offering.

LiquidHub profiled:
Located in Wayne, Pa., LiquidHub provides services to the financial services, life sciences, healthcare, and retail sectors. The firm, which does the majority of its business in the US, seeks to help clients improve customer engagement and drive growth through quality user experience, technology enablement, and business relevant solutions tailored to each client's needs.

Have a forrester account, download here. If not, contact us for a copy of the report.

Hank Summy Joins LiquidHub as Partner, Vertical Markets Lead
LiquidHub Hires Former MRM/McCann and SapientNitro Leader to Continue Aggressive Vertical Market Expansion
WAYNE, PA - October 07, 2015

LiquidHub, a digital transformation company providing customer engagement and technology solutions to global corporations, announced today that Hank Summy has joined as Partner, Vertical Markets, leading global sales and client services for LiquidHub.

Summy has over twenty-five years of experience in leadership roles spanning agency and next generation consulting organizations. He joins LiquidHub having worked most recently at MRM/McCANN as President of North America. Prior to McCANN, Summy was Senior Vice President and Managing Director at SapientNitro for sixteen years, where he focused on creating innovative solutions for the clients he served. At LiquidHub, Summy will be focused on expanding existing customer relationships and establishing new ones across LiquidHub’s vertical industries, with a distinct focus on financial services, insurance, healthcare, life sciences, and retail.

“Hank’s joining LiquidHub is a testament to our continued investment in exceptional talent and to our commitment to expanding our customer engagement leadership team. As we continue to establish ourselves as the leading Digital Integrator, Hank’s proven track record in building teams which combine digital agency capabilities with technology will further our capacity for combining great customer experience with innovative technology solutions,” stated Jonathan Brassington, CEO and co-Founder of LiquidHub. “I have been tracking Hank’s career for many years, and his depth of knowledge will be an asset not only to the LiquidHub team, but more importantly to both CMOs and CIOs challenged with creating customers for life.”

“What attracted me to LiquidHub was its deep origins in technology combined with exceptional experience design skills. LiquidHub is not only able to design the experience for our clients to create meaningful, engaging relationships with their customers but also is able to implement the technology necessary to bring that design to life. The company is at an exciting inflection point -driving growth and transformation for our customers.” said Summy.

Summy will be based in LiquidHub’s Pennsylvania Headquarters.

About LiquidHub
LiquidHub is a digital integrator that partners with businesses to improve customer engagement and drive growth. With operations in North America, Asia, and Europe, we serve companies globally, helping them solve their most complex challenges through technology innovation. Our customer successes are the result of a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence. For more information about LiquidHub, please visit

For the second year in a row, LiquidHub is a sponsor of the Komen Golf for Cure event at the Metedeconk National Golf Club in New Jersey.

The Komen organization raises money to fund breast health programs for people who would not otherwise have access to quality health care. The CSNJ Affiliate has funded 70,000 free mammography screenings, provided one-on-one education and support for over 250,000 community residents, invested over $17 million in the community grants program for breast health to local non-profits and provided $3.9 million to New Jersey breast cancer researchers.

LiquidHub is proud to support this organization and encourages you to visit to learn how you can get involved.

AHIP's Consumer and Digital Health Forum will focus on the convergence of technology, health, data analytics, mhealth, and the new customer-focused ecosystem, highlighting the tactical ways of engaging consumers in their health and the health care system.

Topics covered include:

  • How is data captured, shared and used to create actionable insights and how are disruptors changing the health care landscape as we know it?
  • How can digital engagement tools help consumers reach their potential?

Join LiquidHub’s Ravi Kalakota on Wednesday morning for a breakfast session:

Utilizing Technology to Engage Customers, Members, Patients, Providers, Brokers, and Partners
Powered by LiquidHub

This session will discuss the drastic culture shift to a customer-first focus which has taken place across the healthcare industry, and how technology is the core component to redefining customer interactions. Attendees will learn that today's customers are multi-dimensional, demanding an omni-channel presence that will improve access, build trust, and help manage costs and outline how payers can meet these demands. Examine how the digital transformation across the healthcare landscape with examples illustrating that improvement of the member experience enables engagement & retention.

Ravi Kalakota

To register, visit:

LiquidHub is excited to sponsor Money 20/20.
Stop by our booth for a demo of our banking solutions!

Money20/20 is the largest global event focused on payments and financial services innovation for connected commerce at the intersection of mobile, retail, marketing services, data and technology. With 10,000+ attendees, including more than 1,000+ CEOs, from 3,000+ companies and 75 countries, expected at our 2015 U.S. event, Money20/20 is critical to realizing the vision of disruptive ways in which consumers and businesses manage, spend and borrow money.

Conference URL:

LiquidHub Refuels Global Brand
WAYNE, PA - September 10, 2015

LiquidHub, the digital transformation company providing customer engagement and technology solutions to global corporations announced today the launch of its new brand identity and refreshed positioning in the marketplace.

In its renewed positioning, LiquidHub focuses on building innovative solutions that not only provide a substantive and personalized user experience in the front end, but also building and integrating applications and systems in the back end. LiquidHub’s rebranding comes at a time when integrated customer journey solutions are taking center stage emphasized in a recent commissioned Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper titled ‘Executing Digital Transformation: How to Pick the Right Partner for Success’1.

“Companies undergoing a digital transformation need an end-to-end partner to help create an engaging customer experience, build the right technological foundation to support it, and enable the integration into existing technologies and systems,” according to the study. For this thought leadership paper, Forrester conducted an online survey of 150 enterprise organizations in the U.S. that were engaged in some of level of digital delivery and transformation with at least one outside partner. Nearly half of the respondents belonged to the C-suite while around 90 percent of them were decision makers. The study revealed the following key findings:

Changing customer expectations means continuous transformation for digital engagement. Even with all the proper channels in place, digital engagement with customers is more a journey than it is a destination. With the rapid advancements of technology, companies seek to continually reinvent themselves and find new ways to engage with their customers via digital channels.

Customer engagement demands end-to-end integration among channels and across the value chain. Expanding the availability of channels for both digital and digitally enabled customer interactions can drive benefit to the business. But failure to integrate data across channels creates poor customer experience.

Effectively building improved digital engagements requires a full service, end-to-end partner. Having a single partner for digital transformation services, for both application delivery and integration, enables more streamlined implementations by eliminating the logistical challenges of working with multiple partners. Today’s digital channels have to interface with data, information, and insights across the value chain, creating a complexity that a small number of partners can best address.”

“Corporations today are constantly faced with the challenge of managing multiple and siloed partners for their digital transformation needs. Our proven experience in handling systems and application integration in the back-end coupled with our user experience and customer journey expertise allows us to offer innovative solutions to clients that facilitate strategy and seamless technology execution, and provide their end customers with a spectacular experience.” said, Jonathan Brassington, LiquidHub Co-founder and CEO, announcing the brand re-launch. “With our refreshed positioning, we offer end-to-end solutions blending our expertise in user experience with technology services across the financial services, healthcare, life sciences, insurance, and commercial & retail industries.”

The company’s redesigned logo features a new typeface with a unique design formed by two entwined infinity symbols representing user experience and technology solutions and the endless possibilities that transform customer engagement.

To review the full Forrester Consulting thought leadership paper, please visit:

About LiquidHub
LiquidHub is a digital integrator that partners with businesses to improve customer engagement and drive growth. With operations in North America, Asia, and Europe, we empower the leading global healthcare and financial services companies through technology innovation. Our customer successes are the result of a culture rooted in thought leadership and delivery excellence.

1 Executing Digital Transformation: How to Pick the Right Partner for Success, a Forrester Consulting Thought Leadership Paper commissioned by LiquidHub, May 2015

Create A Winning SaaS-Based Digital Ecosystem For The Digital Business Era
Cloud business consultants help you identify market opportunities and models

Services providers with design, business consulting, and industry expertise will be best positioned to help you with early decisions about what to create and how to create it. When you do not have a technology picked, you will get the best advice from partners who do not have (too much) skin in the game. Nearly all strategy and business consultants will have some bias since most do some sort of implementation work in this space and partner with some leading cloud providers. Top business consultants — like Accenture, Deloitte, KPMG, and PwC — are well positioned to advise you on strategy and road map, and they partner with several major cloud technology suppliers. That said, if you have already fallen in love with a specific cloud platform, like AWS, Google, or Salesforce, you might favor working with a more focused consultant — such as Appirio or LiquidHub for Salesforce-based solutions or CI&T or Cloud Sherpas for solutions based on Google platforms.

Have a forrester account, download here. If not, contact us for a copy of the report.

Digital Pharma East is taking place at the Philadelphia Convention Center, Sept 29th – Oct 2nd. The agenda is full of innovative speakers from Pharmaceutical, technology, and marketing companies who will cover how digital is transforming the Life Sciences industry.

Topics covered at Digital Pharma East include:

  • The customer journey and the path to customer experience excellence for the future.
  • The "centricity model": brand centric -> customer-centric: Expectations have changed. The customer has more control, and therefore building value and value add is ever more important.
  • Sales reps are now a "channel": As we move away from a sales rep-centric business model, we must now orchestrate and integrate all channels.
  • The role of data insights: The industry has been able to collect and aggregate vast sums of data. However, how pharma/medical device companies can utilize and leverage this data/information in a meaningful way is now an obstacle. How do you determine what is valuable and how do you convert valuable information into insight and action?
  • Performance accountability: In the ever-evolving healthcare landscape, there is increasing pressure on budgets and higher expectations from senior management to demonstrate ROI.

LiquidHub is pleased to sponsor Dreamforce 2015 (September 15-18) in San Francisco, CA!

Register Now

Be sure to use our code “EC15RETE” for a $100 discount.

Be sure to stop by to visit us in the North Hall at booth N2100 while you’re there! We will have a booth on the main expo floor where we will be available to give you a demo of Salesforce and answer questions on all aspects of the Salesforce platform.

We will also have a kiosk in the Financial Services area. At this kiosk we will focus on how financial services companies are using Salesforce and introduce you to our accelerators in the Asset Management, Wealth Management, Private Equity and Retail Insurance industries.

Want to hang out with us in a more social setting? We are hosting a Happy Hour for Wealth Managers on September 15th as well as a Client Appreciation Happy Hour on September 16th. More details to follow. However, if you have immediate questions, contact us now.

Visit our Salesforce services page for more information!

Join us at an event!

Geisinger Hospital Golf Outing
August 10th in Wilkes-Barre, PA

LiquidHub shares Geisinger’s desire to create a world with better services to assist patients in need.

We're is excited to be a sponsor of the Geisinger Hospital Golf Outing on August 10th at the Wyoming Valley Country Club in Wilkes-Barre, PA.

CBI: Speed to Therapy
August 11-12 in Philadelphia

The annual event is the industry’s only experience that delivers an interactive, multi-stakeholder forum to examine the key challenges of time to fill. The delay to receive medication is an enormous burden carried not only by patients, but also by manufacturers.

To learn more or to register for the event, Click Here

When and How to do Discontinuous Application Innovation

Threats and opportunities are not limited to customer-facing applications. Empowered consumers have rewritten the terms of engagement in the healthcare industry. Insurance brokers no longer live in a world of captive consumers, where success meant convincing a business' HR department that their proposal was good for the corporate bottom line. Now the plan must appeal to employees as well. A major healthcare insurer improved its sales effectiveness by equipping its independent brokers with an iPad application that presented financial models and analyzed alternatives from the employee's perspective.

"Once you start dealing with customers, the need for continuous innovation skyrockets."
- Rob Kelley, partner, LiquidHub

Have a forrester account, download here. If not, contact us for a copy of the report.

Salesforce Connections
June 16th -18th in New York, NY

Join LiquidHub at the Microsoft Partners Conference from July 12th – 16th in Orlando, Florida, at the Orange County Convention Center.

The event features enthralling speakers from Microsoft such as: Satya Nadella, Kevin Turner, and Phil Sorgen, as well as others like Susan Ershler from Ershler International

To learn more or to register for the event, Click Here

Forrester Customer Experience Forum
June 16th & 17th in New York City

LiquidHub is a Silver Sponsor at Forrester Research’s Customer Experience Forum at the Hilton Midtown Hotel in NYC on June 16th & 17th.

This conference focuses solely on the customer experience and how to effectively reach your customer during every step of their journey. Speakers from company such as Forrester Research, Panera, IBM, the New York Mets, Wells Fargo, and Birchbox will highlight CX trends and share best practices across all industries.

For more information, Click Here

Salesforce Connections
June 16th -18th in New York, NY

Join LiquidHub at the Salesforce Connections and World Tour stop in NYC.

Salesforce Connections is three days dedicated to Digital Marketing. With over 50 break out sessions covering the latest trends in email, mobile, social, web, and journey mapping.

For more information, Click Here

A New Partner Model Is Required To Deliver Digital Customer Engagement
June 23rd 12:00 – 1:00pm EST
by Bobby Cameron
Vice President and Principal Analyst, Forrester Research

Register Now

A webinar featuring Bobby Cameron Forrester’s Vice President and Principal Analyst.

Digital customer engagement sits at the core of digital transformation -- for both B2B and B2C companies. In a recent six-year study, publicly-traded companies that have mastered customer engagement, measured by Forrester’s Customer Experience Index (CX Index™), outperformed the S&P 500 index by a factor of three.

But customer engagement is complex, and only 10% of firms go at it alone, relying on multiple partners to drive their digital transformation. This partner landscape continues to change as specialized digital agencies fail to address the comprehensive, end-to-end requirements for delivering effective digital engagement across the customer journey. Technology development skills organic to next-gen SIs, such as a MobileFirst culture, DevOps, Agile, and Architecture expertise, are critical to customer engagement. Successful firms are now turning to partners who are able to provide integration, innovation, and implementation capabilities.

This Webinar will answer questions such as:

  • What factors are driving the focus on digital customer engagement?
  • Which challenges limit a firm’s ability to deliver this digital engagement?
  • What is the partner’s role in addressing these challenges?
  • What type are partners can effectively meet these challenges?

Veeva Commercial Summit
June 9th – 11th in Philadelphia, PA

LiquidHub is proud to be a Gold Sponsor at the 2015 Veeva Commercial Summit.

The Veeva Summit focuses on commercial cloud solutions for life sciences. Life sciences professionals and Veeva experts gather in Philadelphia to learn, connect, and share valuable insights on industry trends and best practices in the commercial life sciences space.

With speakers from Pfizer, Biogen, Boehringer Ingerheim, and Eli Lilly, this three day conference will cover topics such as multichannel sales and marketing, master data management, digital brand, commercial excellence and innovation and much more.

For more information, Click Here

PACT Foundation Luncheon –
June 4th in Philadelphia, PA

The PACT Foundation luncheon celebrates the Philadelphia region- specifically the emerging growth community comprised of entrepreneurs, investors, professional advisors, corporations, universities, and other supporting organizations.

This is PACT's 5th anniversary since its inception 2010, after a merger with two prestigious organizations, the MAC Alliance and the Eastern Technology Council.

A portion of the proceeds from the PACT Foundation Luncheon will be go directly to the Alliance for Women Entrepreneurs Ventures, powered by Ben Franklin Technology Partners as well as to TechGirlz in support of their initiative to actively promote diversity and inclusion in the entrepreneurial community

To learn more about the event Click Here

Forrester Wave: Salesforce Implementation Partners, Q2 2015

Midsize providers enter the Salesforce market through M&A. As the market shakes out, some smaller boutique options have disappeared, but new, larger choices now stand in their place. Midsize providers like Perficient and LiquidHub were not on buyers' radar screen for Salesforce a couple of years ago, but strategic acquisitions have changed that. Perficient's acquisition of CoreMatrix makes it larger and more experienced than many boutiques, as do the multiple acquisitions made by LiquidHub (such as Redkite). These firms are better suited to complex Salesforce deals than the standalone entities they have acquired because they can tap into a broad range of skills in other areas (such as custom development and mobile) that are increasingly relevant for Salesforce.

Have a forrester account, download here. If not, contact us for a copy of the report.

Market Overview: Salesforce Services Partners
LiquidHub mentioned as a Key Providers With Less Than $50 Million In Salesforce-Specific Revenues.

Industry Strength - Asset/wealth management, banking, life sciences
Region - North America
Key Points : Has acquired three Salesforce implementation and development partners: ClosedWon, Harvest Solutions, and RedKite.

Have a forrester account, download here. If not, contact us for a copy of the report.

The Patient Experience: A Data-Informed Approach
Webinar –

Watch LiquidHub and Diplomat Pharmacy's joint webinar “The Patient Experience: A Data-Informed Approach” from May 14th. During the webinar, industry leaders present best practices in understanding data and how it can be leveraged to enhance the patient experience. The webinar provides an in-depth look into the patient journey and how to efficiently utilize data to overcome patient challenges and measure performance.


  • Shabbir Ahmed – Director, Healthcare, LiquidHub
  • Cheryl Allen – VP, Industry Relations, Diplomat
  • Atheer Kaddis – Senior VP, Sales & Industry Relations, Diplomat
  • Lance Neill – VPCorporate Services, Diplomat

Proud Sponsor of the IBC Foundation's Golf Classic –

LiquidHub is excited to sponsor the IBC Foundation’s Golf Classic event on May 18th at Philadelphia Country Club.

LiquidHub shares IBC’s mission to create a healthier community. The foundation raises money to support health centers and clinics in underserved areas, granting access healthcare for those in need. It also invests in healthcare education, career development and research. We are proud to support this cause.

To learn more about the event Click Here

Evanta CIO Executive Summit

LiquidHub is a proud sponsor of the Evanta CIO Executive Summit, May 20th in Philadelphia.

The annual Philadelphia Summit is “by CIOs for CIOs” and provides a forum to network and discuss trends and best practices for CIOs in the Greater Philadelphia Region. The day is filled with thought leadership by speakers from Vanguard, Comcast, AmerisourceBergen, IBC, and many more.

To learn more about the event Click Here

CCPA Marketing Moguls: Secrets of CMOs –

LiquidHub’s Vice President of Marketing, Suzanne Lentz will provide valuable insights into the discussion which will Start with a high strategic level of marketing and drill down to a tactical level. Each panelist will share strategies for building business and finding clients and insights into budgeting, branding and tactical secrets. The panel will be moderated by Eric R. Elmore, Marketing Director of Drucker & Scaccetti.

Other panelist include:

  • Paula Butler, Vice President of Communications, Visit Philadelphia
  • Rhonda Costello, Chief Retail Officer, Republic Bank
  • Jennifer Francis, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications, Philadelphia Museum of Art
  • Leigh Goldenberg, Director of Marketing, Wash Cycle Laundry
  • Sharen Nocella, Chief Marketing Officer, Obermayer Rebmann Maxwell & Hippel LLP

To learn more about the event Click Here

CEB FS Tech Summit

CEB is hosting the 21st annual Financial Services Technology Summit in Boston, MA. This year’s summit will focus on a challenge that all companies across the industry are facing – reaching their empowered customers and how technology is is driving transformational strategies, specifically through client engagement and staff enablement.

Speakers will dive into customer loyalty and engagement relating to retail and commercial banking, wealth management, commercial markets, and insurance. With over 500 attendees, the conference attracts financial services business leaders, marketing executives, senior technologists, and CIOs.

To learn more about the FS Tech Summit or CEB Click Here

Phorum Philadelphia –

Phorum is a technology conference, for business and technology executives, which focuses on how enterprises can maximize the business value of specific technologies. Phorum 2015 features leading industry experts, business executives, and cutting-edge technologists who will examine how emerging technologies such as big data, mobility and cloud strategies factor into the integration of systems, technical support and global security policies.

To learn more about the FS Tech Summit or CEB Click Here

iPipeline’s Connections 2015
Las Vegas, NV

As a sponsor of the 2015 iPipeline Connections User Meeting and Conference, we are looking forward to the innovative and entertaining environment that accompanies the conference, and its ability to bring together over 600 of the best technology, insurance and financial services professionals.

iPipeline’s Connections User Meeting & Conference is the optimal place to engage one another in the true spirit of sharing—to discuss challenges and successes, and to explore synergies with the industry.

Connections attendees represent a diverse cross-section of the industry. This year includes interactive Executive Roundtables and AMS/Agency Management, Life and Specialty, Annuity and Partner tracks.

To learn more Click Here

Speed of Thought
Las Vegas, NV

Please join LiquidHub at our upcoming event, Operating at the Speed of Thought, on March 18th in NYC. This thought provoking event and cocktail networking reception will feature Peter Delano with CEB TowerGroup and Ravi Kalakota from LiquidHub, providing industry insight and presenting solutions to the challenges faced by today’s fast-paced Financial Services industry. The event will focus on how to enhance the way Financial Services organizations communicate internally and engage with their customers externally, and how to make better business decisions through advanced Business Intelligence (BI), Analytics, and Visualization.

The pace of business in the digital age is faster than any of us ever imagined, and the disruption to your business can be just as fast. Companies need to execute a superior digital customer experience to meet the changing demands of their customers, as well as improve collaboration within their business to be able to respond quickly to the changing demands. Everyone needs to move faster to keep up with the competition.

To learn more Click Here

LiquidHub Continues Domestic Expansion with Acquisition of Salesforce Partner, Redkite

Company Closes Third Salesforce Partner Acquisition in 2015, Expanding Digital Customer Engagement Services and Offerings in United States

WAYNE, PA — March 18, 2015 — LiquidHub, a digital integrator that partners with businesses to improve customer engagement and drive growth, today announced the acquisition of Redkite, a Salesforce partner offering end-to-end solutions in cloud consulting services through a proprietary client-focused approach. This acquisition follows on the heels of LiquidHub’s recent purchases of Harvest Solutions and ClosedWon,two other established Salesforce alliance partners.

With Redkite’s headquarters in New York and delivery centers in Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis and Phoenix, this strategic acquisition is the latest example of LiquidHub’s commitment to expanding digital customer engagement solutions and client offerings across a wider domestic footprint. At the same time, Redkite adds extensive Salesforce capabilities and turnkey solutions to LiquidHub’s customer engagement offerings.

To read the full blog post Click Here

NASSCOM India Leadership Forum

This year’s NASSCOM India Leadership Forum will take place February 11th-13th in Mumbai focusing on "The World in 2020: Building the Digital Future" as the overall theme. The NASSCOM India Leadership Forum 2015 will examine tomorrow's digital technologies and assess their global impact on both business and society. LiquidHub is honored to be sessions sponsors at this innovative, and forward-thinking conference.

The three day forum will bring together leaders from several organizations from across the world to look at what is in store for the future, what could 2020 look like, the different forces at play that are defining the choices they make in how they shape their organizations and how they plan to unlock the potential to create a digital future.

To learn more about the event Click Here

Sponsor the PennApps Hackathon –

More than a thousand high school and college student programmers from all over the world converge in Philadelphia twice a year for a weekend of creating and learning. Hackathons are about coding together to solve real-world problems. Students work in teams of up to four people for thirty-six hours to create a web, mobile, or hardware application. A panel of professional judges will select the best three apps based on the following criteria: creativity, technical difficulty, polish, and usefulness. The winners will be annouced January 18th.

To learn more about the event Click Here

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