More Than a Timepiece – the Apple Watch


Apple Watch will revolutionize how we interact with things around us. It can be the hub for every other thing in the house and your life.

Companies must respond by becoming customer-obsessed and adopting four mutually reinforcing market imperatives:

  • Quick look at your wrist to check your balance using Apple “Glance” feature
  • See 5 recent transactions for each of your accounts
  • “Force Touch” on transactions to request last statement and order checkbook
  • See your balance through an intuitive fuel gauge metaphor
    • Gives you an idea of the balance without actual $$ figures (think security)
    • Gauge moves from a min to max threshold value (set separately via a companion iPhone App)
    • See 30 Day balance history chart
  • Get real time alerts (as Push Notifications) on your Apple Watch for:
    • Bills due today (short look and long look)
    • New transaction