Mobile Services

Mobile apps are disrupting every industry, with mobile channels driving new business models, new revenue streams, and more efficient engagement. Mobility is changing the way companies interact with their customers, partners, and employees, on site, in the store, off site, at home.

The challenge? Making your mobile execution integrate into an overall digital channel strategy that delivers both great experience and real scale. From great experience design to enterprise, commerce and data integration, companies need insight into how their customers engage, behave, and interact: securely, globaly, manageably.

LiquidHub’s Mobile Solutions address these challenges across the whole experience and application design and development lifecycle, from channel strategy to mobile app conceptualization, user experience, development, and mobile device management. And with our mobile solution accelerators, we can deliver scalable mobile applications quickly and efficiently.

LiquidHub can help guide you through this journey of developing innovative mobile solutions ranging from Foundational, to Advanced, to Transformative.

Mobile Customer Journey

  • Mobility Strategy
  • Mobile Websites
  • Mobile Testing
  • Mobile App Development & Management
  • Incubation Lab
  • Mobility Infastructure Support
  • User Experience and Design

We Specialize in Mobile Programming for:

iPhone Android HTML5 Windows Blackberry
Sencha Phone Gap bada Java

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