Market Research  

LiquidHub offers technology focused end-to-end market research services. We partner with you to optimize your research to get the most compelling story from your data while streamlining the process.

Our FieldworkPlusSM service provides one-stop shop data collection covering single and multiple countries as well as online and offline methodologies. With access to over 60 million respondents in 70+ countries and more than 16 offices around the globe, LiquidHub uniquely tailors solutions to deliver quality respondents and data at the best cost.

We support insights professionals worldwide with any level of programming, field management, sample procurement, data processing, and visualization. Our EnterpriseFWP platform makes it easy to engage and monitor projects through their lifecycle.

Services include:

mrw-survey-icon.pngSurvey Programming

  • Platform agnostic online and offline surveys
  • Interactive survey tools
  • Video-uploads and video dial
  • Dynamic question types
  • Multi-lingual surveys
  • Mobile and tablet optimized
  • Complex Programming
  • Hosting services

mrw-procurement-icon.pngGlobal Sample Procurement

  • Quality partner network with local language support
  • Multi country/mode sampling – online, mobile, phone, and in-person
  • Custom-blended sample methods
  • De-duplication, data checks, and RelevantID
  • Internal sample procurement team with domain knowledge

mrw-data-processing-icon.pngData Processing

  • Data validation, cleansing, and enrichment
  • Data transformation
  • Tabulation with complex weighting
  • Descriptive and diagnostic statistics
  • Verbatim Coding
  • Flexible data delivery formats

mrw-charting-reporting-icon.pngCharting & Reporting

  • New template creation or leverage existing formats
  • Deck population
  • Multivariate analysis
  • Cluster and factor analysis
  • Driver analysis
  • Trade-off analysis – Conjoint (CBC, HB, ACBC), Max-diff, Turf Segmentation

mrw-dashboard-icon.pngVisual Analytics & Dashboards

  • Dashboards, reporting, and scorecards
  • Simulators
  • Collaboration tools
  • Platform agnostic (Tableau, Microsoft BI, Qlik)
  • Consolidated view of data from different regions and teams
  • Customizable to reflect your brand


Platform Agnostic

Built on a firm foundation of market research operations, we offer end-to-end solutions across leading platforms, including Confirmit, Qualtrics, Dimensions, Decipher, and Kinesis.

Faster turn-around time

By leveraging our proprietary research solutions, technology alliances, and integrated end-to-end processes, we’ll help you maximize productivity and enhance efficiencies with 24/7 coverage.

Streamlined approach

Our deep understanding of the market research ecosystem, processes, standards, tools, and technologies allows us to quickly scale up or down in response to your changing business needs.

High quality global delivery

Recognized globally for innovative market research solutions, we are standards compliant, and vigilant in our protection of client data and PII.


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