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LiquidHub Receives 2016 Computerworld Data+ Editors’ Choice Award for LiquidHub’s Excellence in Delivering Innovative Data Solution - LiquidAnalytics

Declining efficacy of R & D, increasing regulatory pressures, patent expirations, and a larger influence of commercial and government contracting have all contributed to unprecedented change in the Life Sciences Industry. To overcome these challenges many of our clients are overhauling their commercial models, and increasing their focus on “patient centricity”, which seeks to put the patient at the center of all of the organization's efforts.

LiquidHub has a deep understanding of the complex, highly regulated environment in which our Life Sciences clients are operating, as well as the impact of these rapidly changing commercial models. We are focused on building Enterprise Solutions that drive better interactions with all of the key stakeholders in the healthcare value chain. We have a successful track record of helping clients apply technology to increase collaboration and drive insight driven decision making.

Computerworld writes on Takeda Pharmaceuticals' first drug launch and how LiquidHub's data management platform, LiquidAnalytics, helped them gain insights into the patient journey.


We optimize digital engagements to help increase collaboration & market share for our clients. let us help you:

Multi-Channel Engagement

  • True closed loop, multi-channel marketing, leveraging new & traditional channels
  • Improved execution of personal and non-personal promotion
  • Increased integration across products and channels
  • Improved analytics to gain a better understanding of patient, provider and payer
  • Provider, Patient and Caregiver portals
  • Mobile field force enablement

Platform & Channel Integration

  • Industry accelerators for integrating data from specialty pharmacies, specialty distributors and patient services hubs
  • Services for specialty pharmacy data aggregation
  • Industry accelerators for patient, provider and payer mastering
  • Integration of digital and traditional channels
  • Better integration of internal and external solutions and data sources
  • Improved operational efficiency through process streamlining & automation
  • Assessing and optimizing specialty channel environments for managing portfolios and data


  • Benchmarking reports for your environment against your competitors
  • Advanced analytics to improve the patient journey and remove barriers to treatment
  • Multi-channel reporting and analytics
  • Leveraging big data platforms for analysis of clinical data for patterns
  • Improved operational efficiency through process streamlining & automation

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