Innovation Management

Businesses are under immense pressure to increase revenue by improving capabilities and deploying new business models through the innovation of products, services and channels. The threat from emerging startups and innovative competitors forces businesses to differentiate themselves with new and enhanced offerings, which is only possible through a focused approach to innovation.

LiquidHub recognizes that businesses vary in their approach and level of maturity surrounding innovation management. Most do not have the established processes, practices, or proper tools to generate innovation ideas. Most companies struggle to evaluate and execute those ideas once they have been identified. To respond to these challenges, LiquidHub has developed an Innovation Management Framework that delivers a set of capabilities for businesses looking to maximize the potential value of innovative ideas within their Enterprise.

Leveraging our architecture, design and engineering capabilities, we build proofs of concept and conduct rapid prototyping to showcase innovative ideas in a tangible way, enabling a conversation surrounding innovation at our client’s organization.

Through Innovation-as-a-Service engagements, LiquidHub provides a scalable, well-defined and governed process that is built on emerging technologies and related market trends. We help our clients explore new ideas in a fraction of the time it would take internally, and connect them with the latest developments in a rapidly evolving, technology-accelerated business environment.

Success Stories