Re-imagining Engagement

At LiquidHub, innovation is not an afterthought – it’s a core component of our business. From our incubation labs and R&D centers to our proprietary methodologies, and frameworks, innovation is infused into everything we do. We focus on applying new ideas and innovative technologies to help our clients become more efficient and agile, enabling them to take advantage of new ways to engage with their customers, partners, and employees.

Our philosophy is to create experiences, solutions, and services that promote reusable solutions to fill specific customer engagement needs, quickly and at scale. LiquidHub's innovative engagement and technology solutions help achieve superior customer experience, operational efficiency, and improved competitiveness.

Seamlessly engaging with your customer has never been easier, or more critical, and customer expectations are evolving quickly. Through intelligent search, personalized experiences, ubiquitous mobile access, and shared experiences, people are more connected and informed. They have more options, more access, and more influence; they want to be recognized, engaged, rewarded, and empowered.

Companies that want to win in the age of the customer must transform to align with their interests and desires, execute flawlessly and quickly to connect with them, and continuously engage them at every step of the way. Here at LiquidHub, we focus on improving customer engagement through innovative technologies and solutions.



Product & Service Prototyping


Platform & Accelerator Development


Technology Incubation


Emerging Tech Evaluation

Today, our clients want to move at lightning speed to drive disruptive growth in the marketplace. With the impact that technology innovation has on business innovation, we believe that one of the greatest challenges facing companies today is the ability to create new digital business models, develop new products and services, and drive new levels of customer engagement and operational efficiency. Unfortunately, innovation from within an existing enterprise is hard and frought with risk. Identifying and leveraging immature, nascent, and potentially disruptive technologies is usually not a core competency within companies.

We offer a variety of innovation services, from digital experience design to our own incubation lab. Through structured innovation workshops, customer journey mapping and persona development, and rapid prototyping, we help envision intelligent customer engagement across brand strategy, commerce execution, and multichannel experiences to drive better customer acquisition, retention, and engagement.

Our Innovation-as-a-Service Team explores new and emerging technologies to create the next wave of digital business solutions. By leveraging emerging technologies, we create prototypes, solutions, and accelerators that are designed to improve time to market and lower costs for our clients.  Through the combination of business, design, and technology, we help our clients deliver lasting customer experiences that increase engagement and create real, measureable business results – helping you with: product & service prototyping, platform development, technology incubation, and emerging technology evaluation.


Innovation makes the world a better place. New ideas, processes and products can propel us all — companies and consumers — to the next level of achievement. And beyond. Sounds big, right? It can be. But it doesn’t have to be overwhelming.

Whether you’re ready for breakthrough innovation or an incremental shift, we’ll help you get there. We offer a variety of ways to work with our teams and can scale our services to meet your immediate or long-term needs.



Given the breakneck speed technology is evolving today, it’s a fulltime job to both continually monitor trends and  to develop knowledge, experience and capability around the newly emerging technology products that will be critical to our clients today and in the future.

Our team, LiquidLabs, explores new and emerging technologies to create the next wave of digital business solutions. By leveraging emerging technologies, LiquidLabs creates prototypes, solutions and accelerators that are designed to improve time to market and lower costs for our clients.  Our R&D Lab activities are focused in 6 areas: Business Application Solutions, Internet of Things, Advanced Analytics & Artificial Intelligence, People Engagement, Digital Technology Integration,  and Knowledge Work Acceleration.

Business Solution Lab

  • Model Company
  • Presales Demos
  • Conference Room Pilots
  • Functionality Testbed

Internet of Things (IOT) Lab

  • Sensor-based POCs
  • Wearable POCs
  • IOT Application POCs

Data & Analytics Lab

  • Big Data & Advanced Analytics POCs
  • Data Visualization POCs

Technology Integration Lab

  • Modern Architecture Accelerators
  • Digital Platforms
  • Product Evaluation

Customer Engagement Lab

  • Online Digital Assistant POCs
  • Augmented Reality POCs
  • Smart Device POCs

Knowledge Work Accelerator Lab

  • Knowledge Portal POCs
  • Text/OCR Digitization
  • Robotic Process Automation


LiquidHub is committed to expanding technology and innovation hubs. We are proud to partner with start-up companies, universities, investors, and entrepreneurs alike to identify promising companies that drive innovation and improved customer engagement across their services. 

LiquidHub is single mindedly focused on providing state-of-the-art, innovative technology solutions for our clients. As a result, we have created a unique capability called the LiquidHub Open Innovation Incubator as a part of our overall LiquidLabs R&D and advanced technology services. To further support emerging technologies, our investment arm, LiquidVentures, provides emerging businesses with growth capital and access to LiquidHub’s resources, expertise, and services that enable them to ideate new trends, solutions, and business processes. To learn more about LiquidVentures, please contact us at

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Michelle Berryman ( Managing Director of Strategy & Innovation )

Michelle Berryman is the Managing Director of Strategy & Innovation at LiquidHub. She is a User Experience Designer and Digital Strategist with a significant background in industrial design, user-centered design, research, experience strategy, and brand management. 

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