Every aspect of CPG and Retail companies are undergoing tremendous pressure as digital tools and changing consumer behaviors force significate digital transformation across all four delivery pillars: marketing, sales, commerce, and service. Our horizontal, end to end capabilities allow us to empower CPG and Retail companies to design, build, and manage solutions to transform customer engagement, in the store, at home, or on the go.


Delivering blended experiences

CPG and Retail companies have to address the fact that consumers are in stores and online, often at the same time. Understanding your customer's journey between online and offline experiences and crafting content and tools to reduce the friction around making a purchase decision is critical.

LiquidHub is leading the charge in the creation of blended experiences that drive customer engagement. Let us help you plan. We accelerate your path towards organizing around the patient and member to create seamless, continuous engagements.

Our Solutions

Our team of Retail experts can work with your teams to develop a digital vision and transformation roadmap to get projects started today that ladder up to longer-term strategic goals.


Enhanced Customer Targeting

  • We discover opportunity though human insights - understanding the human context of the healthcare continuum drives innovation and disruption
  • Next generation portals, mobile, wearable, and social channels optimize patient and member interactions, and exceed participation minimums because they delight users and exceed business goals

Improved Demand Generation

  • Harness information across silos for Total Health insights - from wellness to chronic care
  • Aggregate and analyze data across new, legacy, social, and cloud-based repositories/channels
  • Deliver actionable insight into sales drivers, operational risk, and reimbursement optimization

Blended Experiences

  • Empower marketing and sales partners to be more effective in the customer acquisition and retention process
  • Engage and delight potential and existing members through well-designed experiences and platforms
  • Capitalize on reimbursement incentives driven by satisfied customers and improved outcomes

Ecosystem Optimization

  • Develop a roadmap and architecture that guarantees true digital transformation
  • Design, build, and manage new technologies that exceed the expectations of an increasingly digital consumer
  • Bridge the gap between technology and business stakeholders by developing and achieving shared timelines and goals

Customer Journey Mapping

Driving e-commerce through research and a stellar digital experience strategy.

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Experience AOR

A leading land development company was looking to build a digital strategy to create brand awareness and drive sales.

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In-Store Mobile Experience

With the physical and digital worlds merging, creating useful and delightful in-store mobile experiences was critical to the client.

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William DuPont ( Partner )

Will duPont is a partner at LiquidHub and a member of the Creative Development Leadership Council. He has over 20 years of experience working with large corporations and startups to help them successfully navigate the ongoing evolution of the digital ecosystem. He is a long time leader in the Internet and digital marketing space, with experience as an entrepreneur, advisor and executive at global organizations.

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