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The drive for “patient centricity” or putting the patient at the center of a manufacturer's go-to-market strategy is not as simple as just adding new channels to the mix. Designing an overall commercial strategy that integrates new digital channels will revolutionize the way manufacturers communicate with customers, and will significantly contribute to improving engagement leading to better patient outcomes.

Wearables, mobile devices, social communities, and other digital channels have allowed manufacturers to dramatically change the dialogue with their customers, but many times these tactics occur in silos and are not part of an integrated digital strategy.

Change the dialogue with patients

Change the Dialogue with Patients

That’s where LiquidHub comes in. We help manufacturers truly understand the patient journey. We use detailed analytics and insights to help create and integrate the best multi-channel approach to communicate with patients, physicians, caregivers, and staff.

Our deep understanding of the complex, highly regulated environment in which our Life Sciences clients are operating, as well as the impact of these rapidly changing commercial models, allows us to create solutions that have the greatest impact on our clients bottom line. We are focused on building Enterprise Solutions that drive better interactions with all of the key stakeholders in the healthcare value chain.

Our Solutions

Our solutions are focused on optimizing the way our clients engage with patients and healthcare providers.

Multi-channel engagement

  • True closed loop, multi-channel marketing, leveraging digital as well as traditional channels.
  • Blending of personal and non-personal channels supported by a multi-disciplinary team to improve communication with providers.
  • Truly integrated tactics across product and channel.
  • Real time analytics to monitor the patient journey and allow teams to intervene to resolve issues.
  • Portals that support the specific needs of payers, providers, patients, and caregivers.

Platform & Channel Integration

  • LiquidAnalytics, our industry leading platform for specialty data aggregation.
  • e3 – Our HIPAA compliant platform for mastering patients to support longitudinal tracking in a de-identified manner.
  • Real time dashboards supporting patient, healthcare provider, payer, and channel performance monitoring.
  • Industry accelerators for healthcare provider, and payer mastering.
  • Deeper integration between internal and external solutions and data sources.
  • Improved operational efficiency through process streamlining and automation.
  • Assessing and optimizing specialty channel environments for managing portfolios and data.


  • Advanced analytics to improve the patient journey and remove barriers to access.
  • Multi-channel reporting and analytics.
  • Improved operational efficiency through process streamlining and automation.

Our Work

Designing Efficiency

LiquidHub has been helping the client to increase efficiency, by researching the needs of users and impact technology has on these users.

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Transforming Legacy Systems

A leading Healthcare company required an augmented approach that would help to replace the two legacy systems that were being used.

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Liquid Analytics: Patient MDM 2.0 Implementation

A multinational biotechnology company had different departments and multiple communication channels that were independent to each other and being used to interact with patients.

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Shabbir Ahmed (Life Sciences Lead)

Shabbir Ahmed leads the Life Sciences practice for LiquidHub. With over 15 years of deep industry experience, Shabbir is able to translate complex business processes into technology oriented solutions. He has assisted in the launch of over 56 pharmaceutical brands through our LiquidAnalytics Specialty Data Platform.

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LiquidHub Sponsors TD Ameritrade’s National LINC 2017 Conference.

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