Customer experience is the fundamental key to success amidst the healthcare industry. Customers are more multi-dimensional and want to interact with their health insurance plans through traditional and digital channels. To survive and flourish in this market, healthcare payers must become more flexible and responsive, integrate across communication channels, have a strong foundational core administration platform, and re-create themselves with the customer being the center of the focus.

LiquidHub's knowledge of the business challenges faced by Healthcare Insurers, Managed Care Providers, and Benefits Managers serves our clients well as they navigate through the constantly shifting waters of healthcare benefits and claims. LiquidHub's experience in member and customer service systems, claims management and adjudication, payment and remittance systems, and government payment solutions all work together to give our clients the widest possible options, from applications development and integration, to outsourced systems and solutions, to architecture and planning giving them flexibility in a changing market.

Solutions for Payers

Our team of Healthcare experts transforms interactions with patients, providers, payers & channel partners to deliver our clients value-generating, game changing results. Let us help you:

Next Generation Sales Partner Enablement:

  • Drive topline revenue. Leveraging CRM solutions to enable Payer Sales Partners (Brokers, Producer/Agents, Inside Sales) with digital tooks, market and opportunity management, and account servicing.
  • Empower Sales partners to be more effective in the sales process
  • Engage and delight potential and existing customers in the quote to contract process

Multi-Channel Digital Member & Consumer Engagement:

  • Enhance member experience and drive customer retention
  • Create next generation portals, mobile and social channels to drive optimal consumer and member engagement
  • Provide personalization, self-service, and enhanced wellness and care management

Payer Insights & Analytics

  • Drive growth and customer engagement through analytics and insight
  • Data aggregation across new, legacy, social and cloud based repositories / channels
  • Enhanced insight of market and consumer dynamics/sentiments through social media and mobile channels

Patient Engagement and Provider Solutions:

Patient Engagement Portals

  • Improved patient experience
  • Increased interaction and care transition activity
  • Improved wellness through effective communication and education

Data Management and Patient Registries

  • Outcome focused analytics
  • Valuable and accurate information to meet regulatory, payer, and provider requirements
  • Faster time to value
  • Solutions from patient registries to custom data warehouses

Multi-channel Integration

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Mobile applications and integration
  • Data analytics and integration

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