Health Data Security: The Immutable Commandment

“So let it be written, so let it be done,” is a phrase from a famous movie released almost 60 years ago. Although it applied in the movie to ten rules on stone tablets, the phrase is very appropriate today in healthcare. The Affordable Care Act, written in 2010, changed everything. So now let it be done.

And it is being done. Forecasts by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) note nine million more people will be insured by 2023. The mix between individuals and group plans are changing as well. By 2023, CBO forecasts that nearly half of those insured will be on an individual plan. Coupled with a parallel digital transformation revolution driven by the Internet of Things and mobile devices, more mechanisms are being built to access health data in the past three years than in the past decades combined. Health data is more accessible than it has ever been. All of these changes have caused a revolution in client expectations.

Healthcare Mobile Landscape