Data & Analytics

Successful businesses need to better understand their markets, customers and their own internal processes to increase market share and lower costs. To accomplish this, businesses need an integrated data approach.

Data Analytics is a key tool to maximize the potential of social, mobile and digital customer engagements. Treating data as a sharable asset across the enterprise supports informed strategic decisions, improved information access, and interoperability. Key components of Information Management include meta data discovery and management, data quality improvement, data governance and stewardship implementation, enterprise data architecture and data warehousing, and business intelligence. LiquidHub combines its deep industry expertise and experience in handling complex analytics and information management engagements, to drive digital transformation.

Our Services

LiquidHub's Analytics and Information Management services balance the ongoing need for managing information as a true asset along with the immediate need for reporting and decision support, which is critical to ensure that data-related services are relevant, reliable, secure, timely, and adaptable to changing business conditions.

LiquidHub recognizes that for organizations to realize benefits from their data strategies, it's also important to consider the organization's larger EA strategy.

Business Intelligence Reporting
and Analytics

  • Reporting Factory
  • Information Delivery
  • BI Consulting
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Machine Learning

Information Management / Enterprise Data Management

  • Enterprise Data Warehouse Services
  • Enterprise Information Architecture
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Information Integration
  • Data Governance and Stewardship

Big Data Solutions and Services

  • Big Data Consulting & Strategy
  • Big Data Use Case Formulation
  • Big Data Implementation
  • Big Data Administration

Data Warehousing

  • Data Integration (ETL)
  • Data Quality
  • Data Modeling
  • Metadata Management

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