Client Onboarding: Estimating for the future - part1

Client Onboarding: Estimating for the future

Asset and Wealth Management (AWM) has been feeling the winds of change in the recent past. Regulatory authorities have been active in introducing new rules (FATCA, Dodd Frank, suitability to name a few) that affect providers and intermediaries. The rate of technology change is constantly accelerating – technologies, which were considered marginal or not very relevant to investment management like cloud or mobility, are being increasingly ‘mainstreamed’. Clients across multiple demographics are low on trust, increasingly comfortable with new technologies and seem to have rapidly changing preferences. They demand greater access to their own data, want increased participation in decision making, have a greater willingness and ability to “shop around”, and have an ever increasing adoption of new technologies in various aspects of their lives including investing. In addition, almost all categories of providers are facing cost and margin pressures even when their businesses are growing, making them seek avenues to break the linear relationship between topline and costs.