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LiquidHub works regularly with a leading automobile company to research, test, and enhance the consumer experience throughout their entire journey.

Our ethnographers closely observed the experience after a customer’s first 90 days of ownership through journaling via phone, text, and social media. From this research, we not only identified the areas and levels of satisfaction and dissatisfaction, but also the cause of these emotions.

We also conduct in-vehicle, in-dealership, and lab-based consumer experience testing for this client across all vehicle models on a regular basis.

By documenting the experience in a highly visual model, the client was able to easily understand key areas where they can quickly improve the customer experience.

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Creating consistent branding across all mobile experiences within a global enterprise.

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Scaling and streamlining complex marketing campaigns, faster and at a greater scale.

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Changing the way products are bought and sold using a Mobile Payments System.

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