LiquidHub recently helped fashion retailer. Express, define its digital commerce opportunities to deliver a brand experience powering $700 million in online revenue in 2017. Through a series of co-working sessions with key stakeholders, we developed a deep understanding of both their customers' mindset and business objectives both in-store and online.

With these key inputs, as well as competitor/comparator analysis, we developed a customer journey and ideated on a variety of key initiatives designed to get those customers engaging with the brand in new and innovative ways across multiple touch points at key moments. We devised a series of programs to keep the brand top of mind and to make purchasing anywhere and everywhere easier than ever before. The resulting 2-year roadmap sets Express up to stay ahead of the trends in both fashion and digital.

Enhancing The Patient Experience Through Insights

Aligning interactions across channels to provide a seamless experience for patients.

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Customer Journey Mapping

Driving e-commerce through research and a stellar digital experience strategy.

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Self Service Mobile Banking App

A commercial bank asked LiquidHub to help reimagine engagement with their customers by designing a mobile banking app that combined access to small business,

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Hank Summy ( Partner )

Hank Summy has helped his client partners grow and transform their businesses over the past 25 years. As an expert in digital transformation, he can help you find new ways to engage the people that matter the most to you. 

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