Enterprise Architecture and IT strategy

A leading healthcare provider required a more enhanced approach towards understanding customer journey and treatment progress. They wanted to build a portal that could help them manage the entire process.

LiquidHub helped to developed and launched contact center based on Salesforce Platform. We created five personas to reflect patients were going through the treatment process and designed UX. We also built family/friend portal on communities within Salesforce.

LiquidHub helped to bring a significant change in the way patient information was managed across the enterprise. We developed and deployed Enterprise Architecture and IT strategy. We also helped to create patient journey mapping to understand patient touch points and highlighted the lack of initial contact point.

Our Work

Sales | Insurance

Enhancing the sales approach through Salesforce optimization.

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Service | Healthcare

Increasing member engagement through mobile channels.

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Marketing | Financial Services

Scaling and streamlining complex marketing campaigns, faster and at a greater scale.

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