Changing The Conversation With Customers

When buying a new car, nobody wants to think about what could go wrong down the road. Safe-Guard knows that with a little planning now, owning your vehicle over the long term can be a much smoother ride. As the leading company providing Finance & Insurance products like extended warranties, tire and wheel protection, service contracts and roadside assistance, a big challenge is educating consumers to increase understanding and trust of these products, as well as to drive the purchase.

LiquidHub helped transform this company's positioning, taking its primary focus from B2B marketing to B2C with a creative concept that highlights compelling facts about vehicle ownership as a way to tap into consumer emotion. Through infographics, inspiring photography and a friendly, helpful copy tone, we educate drivers about pitfalls like waer and tear, maintenance costs and recovering from accidents, making them aware of the impact not having extra protection can have on their wallets.

This new approach has paved the way for a huge shift in the way Safe-Guard positions itself and does business.

Our Work

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