Blended Experience

During this webinar, LiquidHub and guest Andrew Hogan, one of Forrester’s Customer Experience experts, discuss how a well-executed blended experience is critical to the success of good UX and a stronger brand.

Today’s customers expect transparency, immediacy, and personalization when buying products whether it's online or in a physical store. They are attracted to compelling experiences that add real value to their lives. The blended nature of the physical and digital experiences places an even greater premium on designing experiences that work from touchpoint to touchpoint and follow the cadence of the buyer’s desire.

Leading brands that focus on improving customer experience now deliver sophisticated blended executions with the goal of improving conversion, customer satisfaction, and social praise. Conversely, poor experience design will lead to customers that are annoyed, employees that are frustrated, and growth that is unrealized. That’s why all brands need a strong plan for delivering excellent blended experiences. Many times, a customer experience focus means having a well thought out digital transformation roadmap to support the new requirements for physical and digital channel mastery.

This webinar discusses:

  • What makes a good blended experience?
  • How to understand and respond to data to create more personalized blended experiences
  • How do you measure blended experiences?
  • What companies are creating successful blended, personalized experiences?