LiquidHub awarded as Finalist in EXPLOR Award 2017

LiquidHub was awarded as a finalist in the prestigious 2017 EXPLOR Award for Innovation in Research alongside our partner Microsoft. This is the first time the EXPLOR committee has considered an innovation that did not include traditional data collection methods.

The EXPLOR Award is an annual competition honoring innovation in market research. Innovation leaders from global corporations, research agencies, and academia compete to showcase technology or new methods that have advanced the research and insights process.

Our achievement was based on our proven success in delivering Smart Automation market research innovation in NLP. For the project recognized by this award, we conducted customer experience analysis and product research through NLP and text mining to deliver actionable insights for Microsoft that enabled increased usage of Microsoft products and revenue.

As part of the project, LiquidHub automated the analysis of support tickets in order to drive operational efficiencies and reduce costs, and utilized voice of the customer and sentiments to make product enhancements, optimize content, and improve customer experience.

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